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Ewe kentecloth Ghana vintage




Handcrafted in Ghana, this unique and rare vintage strip weave textile was worn by Elder Chiefs and Tribal Nobles in Ghana for special ceremonies from weddings to funerals and festival celebrations. Very special Ewe Kente Cloths like this geometric diamond patterned one are presented to presidents and other dignitaries in honor of their visit to Ghana.

This Ewe Kente Cloth which is worn by the royal tribal elder males and is sometimes used at night for warmth.

The tightness of the weave the 2.82 X 1.89 m. uniform strips, thick cotton, patterns and design immediately identify this rare cloth as an old pattern woven by the elders in the 20th century. What sets vintage and antique Ewe Kente apart from other Kente is that was woven using one hundred percent cotton rather than the rayon currently being used.

The weaving and sewing of this textile is traditionally done be male artisan weavers.

The vivid multiple colors of this blanket, tight weave and design will make this an asset to any collection or decor.